Gather ‘round the backyard for a discussion on common lingo in the community! Below you’ll find our forum tag list with definitions and related vernacular.

Visual creations consisting of paintings, drawings, prints, and photographs.

Rendered, computer generated graphics made with 3D software.

A community member promoting a product, service, event, or publicizing a job vacancy.

A tiny is inserted into or used in a manner to pleasure a Giant’s anus.

(Alternative lingo: Anal vore, Rimjob)

An often serialized story that consists of art in the form of sequential juxtaposed panels that represent individual scenes.

(Alternative lingo: Graphic Novel, Comic Magazine, Manga)

A tiny is inserted into, or otherwise used in manner to pleasure a Giant’s penis.

(Alternative lingo: Cock vore, Bodyjob)

A call-to-action post meant for generally anyone at Daddy’s Dollhouse. This post may have to do with an event, collaboration project, mental health initiative, etc.

A tiny is smothered either fatally or non-fatally by part of a Giant’s body or tool used by a Giant.

The practice and/or training of a tiny to follow the demands of a Giant, using punishment to correct behavior.

(Alternative lingo: Dominance/submission, D/s)

A tiny is kept in a trap, enclosure, or on/in the body of a Giant.

A community celebration worth checking out! Events can be in-person or digital.

Furries are another fan community who are interested in anthropomorphic animal characters with human personalities and characteristics.

(Alternative lingo: Macrofur, Microfur)

A Giant man with a tiny man.

(Alternative lingo: Macro/micro, M/m, MLM)

A Giant man or normal sized man alongside a comparatively tiny person. This can also be used as a gender-neutral term.

(Alternative lingo: Macro, GT, GM, Dom, Tol)

A Giant woman or normal sized woman alongside a comparatively tiny woman.

(Alternative lingo: GTS, Domme)

Two or more Giant people or two or more normal sized people, usually in a relationship, alongside a comparatively tiny person.

(Alternative lingo: GC, Tols)

Giants that are so large, people on earth are barely visible or microscopic in size to them. These Giants may also be larger than planets in space.

(Alternative lingo: Hyper, Planetary)

Blood, guts and other visually intense content that often ends the life of a tiny.

(Alternative lingo: Guro, Hard content)

A person’s body increases in size.

A tiny person is either trapped in, or consensually riding on the palm of a Giant.

A community member is looking for suggestions, advice or seeking services or old content.

A tiny is put into a situation that causes them feelings of shame, degradation and/or dehumanization, often to the delight of the Giant.

A tiny is inserted into the Giant’s body, specifically through their mouth, anus, vagina, urethra, belly button, ears or nose.

Posts that focus on sharing sex related resources, or sharing sexual experiences.

A Giant woman with a tiny woman.

(Alternative lingo: F/f, WLW)

Content or resources that focus on mental wellness for community macrophiles and microphiles.

A tiny is covered in either food or bodily fluids.

A tiny so small you could barely see them with the naked eye, or may even need a microscope to see them.

A Giant or tiny person who identifies with no gender. Please use they/them pronouns.

(Alternative lingo: NB)

A tiny has not agreed to acts perpetrated upon them by a Giant. An abbreviation for “Non-consensual”.

Content that may include nudity, sex acts, fetishized material, or other general adult content you may find unprofessional or embarassing to view at work.

A Giant and/or tiny is partially or fully nude.

A tiny is inserted into a Giant’s mouth, regardless if they are swallowed or not. This may be to scare or perform oral sex on a tiny.

(Alternative lingo: Mouthplay, Vore)

A type of kink not listed in our Tag system. Please add your unique tag(s) in your post Title!

A Giant who keeps and treats a tiny or several tinies as pets instead of people. There may be elements of discipline and dehumanization. These tinies usually wear an accessory given to them by their Giant to inform others they are owned.

(Alternative lingo: Palm Pet, Pet Play)

Artwork made by splicing two or more images together.

A tiny is either threatened by, or endures being peed on by a Giant.

(Alternative lingo: Watersports, Potty play)

A Giant that is slightly taller than average (8~12ft/2.5~3.5m) or a tiny that is slightly shorter than average (2~4ft/61~122cm).

Content or conversations that have to do with people making romantic connections, or managing their relationships in real life.

Community members who are interested in looking for partners to act out their fantasies with, commonly through text chat, voice or in-person.

Fictionalized love between a Giant and tiny.

Content that is generally safe to view by audiences of all ages.

A series of images that follow a specific order to tell a story, often without the use of words.

A Giant and tiny engage in a sexual act.

An individual who identifies as being both Giant AND tiny, and may change their size depending on their particular mood. Please ask what size they are feeling before assuming!

(Alternative lingo: Switch, Vers)

A tiny is either threatened by, or endures being defecated on by a Giant.

(Alternative lingo: Potty Play, Scat)

A person’s body decreases in size.

Two or more tiny people or two or more normal sized people, usually in a relationship, alongside a comparatively Giant person.

A man who is tiny or normal sized alongside a comparatively Giant man.

(Alternative lingo: SM, miniboy, tiny)

A woman who is tiny or normal sized alongside a comparatively Giant person.

(Alternative lingo: SW, minigirl, Sylph, tiny)

A tiny is fatally killed.

Content in where the Giant uses their body odor to intimidate or humiliate a tiny.

A fictional Giant/tiny story written by a fellow community member!

A gender neutral term for a person who is very, very small, usually arriving at their size through a shrinking process.

(Alternative lingo: smol)

Content in where a Giant preforms cruel, degrading or inhuman acts on a tiny.

(Alternative lingo: Cruel)

Content that includes a transgender Giant or tiny.

Content where a Giant has no knowledge of a tiny’s presence. Oftentimes the Giant is oblivious in causing a perilous situation for a tiny.

(Alternative lingo: Voyeur)

Movies, TV Shows, Commercials and other video content with Giant men and/or shrunken women.

Content where the Giant consumes a tiny, either for safekeeping, sustenance and/or continued torture. Vore can be fatal or non-fatal, and the term can be used in conjunction with other orifices (i.e. Anal vore, Cock vore, etc). Giants are usually referred to as predators, and the tinies as their prey.

(Alternative lingo: Voraphile)

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